Mats (All Sizes)

We have designed three sized mats to suit your every parental need. All sizes are machine washable and include a water resistant layer which make them suitable for inside and out of the home.

Our Little Space mat is suitable for nappy changes on the go or its the perfect size and softness for a delightful newborn when you need to place them down to rest on the couch or floor with some protection. Its internal water resistant layer means unsettled tummies (posseting) or small nappy leaks are not an issue.

Our Play Space mat is everyone's favourite! Perfect in size, its large enough for babies to explore tummy time, nappy-free time, rolling and sitting. As babies turn into toddlers the uses can change and the Play Space can be a great addition to the room and playtime activities, try placing it under children's furniture for extra comfort or use it with a tepee.

Our Any Space is our largest mat of all. Rectangle is size, its suitable for babies or toddlers who can’t sit still or perfect for multiple babies, mothers groups or growing families. The Any Space can be use inside and out of the home and makes a great base for a play area or a picnic. There is an Any Space perfect for every home interior.