Mini Bar Wood Play Gym
Mini Bar Wood Play Gym
Mini Bar Wood Play Gym
Mini Bar Wood Play Gym
Mini Bar Wood Play Gym
Mini Bar Wood Play Gym
Mini Bar Wood Play Gym
Mini Bar Wood Play Gym

Mini Bar Wood Play Gym

$185.00 AUD $185.00 AUD

Please note this product does not come with the Play Mat. If you wish to purchase a mat and save please visit our Mini Bar Bundle.

The Mini Bars Scandinavian look and cute animal inspired frame make it a statement item to have out within the home, whilst providing hours of fun for baby.

Being smaller in size than our popular Play Bar, it is perfect for those who enjoy apartment living or simply have less space at home. It can be used with the Play Space or Little Space mats to create a comfortable play area for baby beneath.

Each Mini Bar comes with three toys, which your baby will love. These have been individually designed to amuse, educate and entertain. The toys hang from the Mini Bar using a natural toned strap with a Velcro finish, making it easy to attach toys and hang them at different levels, either challenging your baby to reach for them, or making it easy for them to pull on and chew. Best of all, the Mini Bar was designed with an interior design focus so you don't have to put it away for visitors.


- Mini Bar (wood frame)
- Three Toys (one wood toy, two silicone toys)
- Four natural cotton straps to hang your toys (contains one spare in a set)

Mini Bar measurements can be found in the images.
The Mini Bar can be disassembled for storing away.

Wood Toy - Honeycomb (comes with all sets)
Silicone Girls set:
Powder Pink Snowflake, Marble White Luna
Silicone Boys set: 
Royal Blue Snowflake, Grey Luna
Silicone Gender Neutral Set: 
Warm White Marble Snowflake, Marble Black Luna

It is suitable for use from newborn through to 10/12 months (dependent on the child’s development) and is designed for play whilst laying down or sitting. It’s a must have product for your baby to help explore important milestones such as tummy time, rolling over for the first time and learning to touch and feel.

Care Instructions:
Silicone Toys
Our silicone toys help your baby during their teething phase, by offering a smooth surface which feels soft on their gums and encourages teeth to come through. All products are made using the highest quality grade of silicone, making them safe to use and easy to clean.
Made of 100% Food Grade Silicone
100% Non-toxic
BPA Free
Lead Free
PVC Free
Mercury Free
Phthalates Free
Cadmiumn Free
FDA Approved
LFGB Approved
SGS Approved
Easy to clean (Please wash with mild soap and water)

Wooden Toys
Our wooden toys are made with natural unfinished wood. To clean please use a soft cloth and mild soapy water, rinse well. Never use a heat method to dry the toy. Heat dries out the wood and will cause the toy to crack or split.

Please check toys before use and do not leave your baby unattended.
Toys should be replaced after 9 months due to hygiene and safety reasons.

The Mini Bar is designed to be used while baby is laying down or sitting only. It is not stable for use once they are beginning to stand.