About Us


We are Chloe and Jaimee the Co- Founders of Bella Buttercup.

Our Story,

Bella Buttercup was founded in 2012 by two best friends Chloe Blanchette and Jaimee Masters, both of which come from creative backgrounds in the Fashion and Interior Design fields. They both live bay-side in Melbourne, Australia where the Bella Buttercup studio and office is based.

Chloe is a Mum of one to her gorgeous girl Eva (4 y/o), who she utterly adores and who has been the inspiration for many Bella Buttercup products. This year Chloe made the heart-breaking decision to end her IVF journey and discontinue the difficult process of fertility treatment which she had been enduring for several years, in the hope to further grow her family. As a woman determined to rise again, she is moving forward by sharing her experience, while also focussing on the love she gets from her husband and daughter.

Jaimee is about to have her first child, a little boy who is due to come into the world any day. She has enjoyed every moment of being pregnant and can now understand the wonder of parenthood and what a special circle it is to be a part of. Jaimee looks forward to being able to use her new knowledge she will gain as a Mother, to help bring more new products to the Bella Buttercup collection. She has loved being able to share her journey of pregnancy with the Bella followers and to hear their advice and words of wisdom.

Bella Buttercup’s Scandinavian inspired pieces combine classic styling, high quality materials and affordability as key hallmarks of the brand. The range has expanded from play bars, through to change pad covers, pram liners, nappy clutches and wooden toys.  Such style and functionality reflect contemporary trends, while maintaining a timeless quality that gives each piece heirloom status.