About Us


We are Chloe and Jaimee the Co- Founders of Bella Buttercup, which started in 2012. Chloe a mum to Eva and Jaimee a newly wed.

Here are five quick fun facts about us!

1. I can’t live without?

Chloe: GOOD coffee.

Jaimee: Coffee, need to have a morning fix to be able to function for the day.

(Looks like we need our coffee fix!)

2. The one thing that always puts a smile on my face is?

Chloe: Eva calling me mummy, such a special feeling.

Jaimee: My amazing fiancé, he makes me laugh every single day and I love that about him.

3. I never leave home without?

Chloe: My black cross body bag. It’s got everything I need in it!

Jaimee: My massive handbag, seriously it weighs a ton! I like to keep all of the essentials (plus more) on hand!

4. My last meal would be?

Chloe: Espresso Martini (not a meal but it’s the last thing I would want)  

Jaimee: Vietnamese everything

5. When I need a confidence boost I?

Chloe: Exercise, I always feel better and spend time with my girlfriends they always give me a good boost.

Jaimee: Go to the gym and do a pump class, to feel I am getting closer to the best version of me.

Below is our most recent interview. Sit back and Enjoy! xx

Tell us a bit of a background about yourselves:

We have been friends for over half our lives now, meeting back our early high school years. We became the best of friends in our early 20’s when we both left New Zealand on a whim and moved across to Melbourne, in a matter of only weeks from deciding it sounded like a good idea. We have been through a lot together since then sharing in each other’s highs, lows, successes and celebrations. Chloe will be a bridesmaid for me this year in Bali, after being one for her  four years ago it’s a special moment I can’t wait to have with her.

What inspired you to start up your business?

Jaimee - I lived in London for five years and during a break back home for a few months  I developed a concept for the brand and had one particular product (the baby bundle) which I was making bespoke and selling to clients. This took off in a small amount of time and but with my UK visa finally coming through I was set to go back and focus on another career opportunity. Chloe had meanwhile been working on her own business plan (for another concept) from there it was decided that she would take Bella Buttercup and develop this into something further, instead of pursuing her original plan. We worked for a year with me based in London and her in Australia to get the business off the ground learning so much along a way about what was then a rather unknown world to us.

Chloe – After falling into retail when I moved to Melbourne, I felt I needed a little more and was missing creativity. Having studied Interior Design I was working on a  business plan that would cater for both.  Jaimee then came to Melbourne for my wedding, and  it gave us the opportunity to discuss our individual ideas more in detail and the idea of Bella Buttercup became our new adventure.

What's the hardest part of working with your friends?

There are great upsides about working with a friend such as sharing your success with one of your besties and also having the support when times are challenging. The hardest part would be knowing when to switch off from ‘work mode’ and remembering to enjoy time spent as just friends doing the other things you enjoy together too.